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South Asian Cosmopolitanisms

South Asian Cosmopolitanisms

Sources, Itineraries, Languages
(16th-18th Century)

Edited by
Corinne Lefèvre, Ines G. Zupanov
and Jorge Flores

Hb | 464 pp | Rs. 999

Translated from the French original
by Ann Leroux and Sourish Datta

Originally published in French
as Cosmopolitismes en Asie du Sud
by Editions EHESS

Is cosmopolitanism a child of western modernity or do we find it in other times and in other places? This volume responds to this question that is much debated in contemporary discursive practices. It explores the worldview of a region of the world, namely South Asia. The period of exploration is from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.


Renaissance Italy meets South Asia: Florentines and Venetians in A Cosmopolitan World | Giuseppe Marcocci

Origin Narratives, Legitimacy and the Practice of Cosmopolitan Language in Early Modern Deccan | Roy S Fischel

South Asian Cosmopolitanism and Dutch Microcosm in Cochin in 17th century | Jos Gommans

A Cosmopolitanism without Islam: Dara Shikoh, Kant and the Limits of Comparative Philosophy in Anquetil-Duperron's Oupnekbat | Blake Smith

Cosmopolitanism of the Arabian Sea: The Christians of Saint Thomas face the Portuguese expansion in India | Istvan Perczel

The paradoxical experience of Nuruddin ar-Raniri in the Indian Ocean in 17th century | Paul Wormser

Cosmopolitanism Particularism: Mahamati Pran-nath's Dawa in the Laldas Bitak | Vikas Rathee

Armed Cosmopolitans? Indian Sepoys and their Travels in the Service of the East India Company (1762-1815) | Claude Markovits

The Cosmopolitan Lingua: The Social World of Hindu Interpreters in 17th century Goa | Jorge Flores

Regional Perceptions: Writing to the Mughal Court in Sanskrit | Audrey Truschke

Conviviality and Cosmopolitanism: Recognition and Representation of 'East and West' in Peninsular India c. 1600- 1800 | Sumit Guha

The English East India Company and Cultural Cosmopolitanism in Late Mughal Bengal | Kumkum Chatterjee

Circulation and Cosmopolitanism in 18th century Jaipur: The Workshop of Jesuit, Nujumi and Jesuit Astronomers | Dhruv Raina

Vulgaris seu Universalis: Early Modern Missionary Representations of An Indian Cosmopolitan Space | Paolo Aranha

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