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ER Content of Revisiting Issue 2021

Not the Last Word | Sunandan Roy Chowdhury
A Martyr, A Media Man

Letter From States | West Bengal | Nirmalya Banerjee
A Bitter Battle :  BJP and TMC in North Bengal

Letter From States | Odisha | Priyanka Chakraborty
Fighting Cancer, Saving Lives

Letter From States | Karnataka | Tamojit Roy
School at the Time of Corona

Indian Ideas | Sandip Banerjee
Ambedkar and Pluralistic Development

Past Is Not A Foreign Country | Amareswar Galla
Reimagining Museums as Relevant and Civic Spaces in India

ER | Focus Satyajit Ray

Santosh Dutta | Jatayu Awaits Death

Ashoke Viswanathan | The Subtle Touch

Subha Das Mollick | Apu and the Others

Susanta Mukhopadhyay | Durga and The  Emblematic Train

Inam Hussain Mullick | Satyajit Ray’s Two, A Contemporary Reading

Vaivaswat Tyagi | ‘Meet’, Film Maker

Joie Bose | Reminiscing Ray

Madhura Ganguli | Goopi and Bagha

Sandip Roy | Purulia in Watercolour

ER | Introductions | Art | Saikat Baksi
Is it necessary to go to an art college to become an artist?

ER | Films | Reviewed By Subha Das Mollick

The White Tiger | Dir: Ramin Bahrani Starring: Priyanka Chopra, Rajkumar Rao, Adarsh Gourav

ER | Poetry | Meera Srikant

Obituary to a Tree | Merge, Emerge

ER |  Poetry | Meenakshi Sharma
The Silver Lining

ER | The Big Picture | Dhritiman Banerjee
India’s Vaccine Diplomacy: A strategic exercise of soft power?

ER World News | Review of World Media | Kishore Gaurav

France | Vietnam

World Affairs | Chandril Roy Chowdhury
Aspiring Asia: A novel attempt to facilitate social change in Asia

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